Thursday, September 21, 2017

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Download HL2DM.NET Useful Configurations, which include: (244KB)

* HL2DM Bandicam Recording Config v1.2

* HL2DM Movie Config v1.2

* HL2DM AutoRecord CFG Generator v1

* Panorama Screenshot Config v1.0

* POV Demo Recording Config v1.0

* ScrollLock Looper v1.0

* SourceTV HP Refresher by v1.0

* HL2DM Red Screen Fix v1.0

* Control DSP / Explosion Ringing Sound


Download HL2DM.NET HUDs, which include: (70.9MB)

* 2o0 HUD

* GAVVVR's First HUD

* Diamphid's Blue Square and Green-White HUDs

* Asf's HUD for GAVVVR

* Maxtasy's HUD and Rainy Caverns Menu Screen

* Kez's & Yin's HUD

* Kez's Menu Screen, Quake 3 HUD, Simpl3 HUD, WB HUD and Whit3 HUD

* Surinamo's HUD


Download HL2DM.NET Crosshairs, which include: (2.30MB)

* Bullseye's Collection

* Q3's Collection

* Xhair Collection

* Jerk's Crosshair

* KEZ's Crosshair

* MINO's Collection



Download Matthew's HUD Collection, which include: (39.4MB)

* GAVVVR's HUD Remade

* Matthew's First, Second and Third HUDs

* Maxtasy's HUD Remade


Download Virtuous Gamer's Server Mappack 2 which includes all maps in the server [10/12/2016]: (1.35GB)

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