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~~~ NEW UPDATE ~~~ (16/09/2017)

- You can now change your FOV value, choose a value between 70 and 110! (Type fov in console or !fov or /fov in chat)


~~~ NEW UPDATE ~~~ (17/08/2017)

- Changed maximum rank (number) difference for point calculation to 5.


~~~ NEW UPDATE ~~~ (06/07/2017)

- Changed maximum rank (number) difference for point calculation to 10.


~~~ NEW UPDATE ~~~ (01/07/2017)

- Added two plugins, one to fix the lasers in all maps (They will do damage now, like the one at octagon) and the other plugin should help in grabbing objects by gravity gun.

Thanks to Peter Brev for suggesting me these two plugins :3


~~~ NEW UPDATE ~~~ (25/05/2017)

- Added rank numbers before the rank name (Remember, there are 28 ranks)

- Following the trend where the top players boost against low ranked players for easy points we decided to increase the agressiveness of the rank difference algorithm along with a new cap feature. If the average from all players is 8 ranks higher or lower than your own rank, certain penalties/bonus scores apply. If the much higher ranked player wins he will gain no points and the loosing player will gain 0.25 for trying. If the much lower ranked player wins we will boost the points gained and lost 2.5 times. By doing this we hope to improve the playing experience for newer players and at the same time increase the challenge for higher ranked players by forcing them to play amongst higher ranked players in order to keep gaining ranks.


~~~ NEW UPDATE ~~~ (01/04/2017)

- !resetrank is disabled because of an upcoming server update (Not soon)


~~~ NEW UPDATE ~~~ (16/11/2016)

- Added 8 new ranks. (Look below)


~~~ NEW UPDATE ~~~ (15/10/2016) - (17/10/2016)

- Updated map list below in this page with some of the maps that have been added to the server since the list was made.


~~~ NEW UPDATE ~~~ (1/10/2016)

- !spec [name] to spectate player.

- Red rebels, blue combines.


~~~ NEW UPDATE ~~~ (3/8/2016)

- Change your stats position with !statspos

- Reset your rank and statistics with !resetrank (Can't be undone, and you can't reset during a match)

- Added player positioning with respect to kills under timer.

- Overtime is now back.

- Player join on pause will now toggle it.

- sv_alltalk is set to 1 after match ends.

- Orange rebels and green combines.


~~~ NEW UPDATE ~~~ (24/7/2016)


- Weapon statistics and Match Statistics: Use your +Use key while holding tab to switch menus on the screen. Weapon stats will record weapon kills during a match, match stats will record and display your statistics and performance after a match.

- You can view your rank with !rank or other player's ranks with !rank [name]


~~~ NEW UPDATE ~~~ (13/6/2016)


* Non-ranked matching is enabled (Configs are ur1v1, ur2v2, ur3v3, ur4v4, ur5v5)

* To hide/show your stats, write !cstats or /cstats in chat. 


~~~ NEW UPDATE ~~ (25/5/2016)




The server now records your stats during a match and sets a rank according to what you have done.


To display your overall recorded competitive stats, press and hold tab.


A competitive server is kind of boring without... "competition". To get the competitive back in matching, we have decided to build the first competitive plugin which features a multiple set of ranks which players can fight for, to show who is worthy of being the best of the best.

The ranks available are 20 and are as follows:


Rank 1: Rookie (0 Points)

Rank 2: Not A Rookie (15 Points)

Rank 3: Intermediate (30 Points)

Rank 4: Skilled (45 Points)

Rank 5: Experienced (60 Points)

Rank 6: Exceptional (80 Points)

Rank 7: Hotshot (100 Points)

Rank 8: Maniac (120 Points)

Rank 9: Unstoppable (140 Points)

Rank 10: Excellence (160 Points)

Rank 11: Breserker (190 Points)

Rank 12: Beast (220 Points)

Rank 13: Expert (250 Points)

Rank 14: Pro (280 Points)

Rank 15: Veteran (320 Points)

Rank 16: Elite (360 Points)

Rank 17: Master (400 Points)

Rank 18: Champion (450 Points)

Rank 19: Warlord (500 Points)

Rank 20: Warmaster (550 Points)

Rank 21: Elder (600 Points)

Rank 22: Oldskool (660 Points)

Rank 23: Unreal (720 Points)

Rank 24: Inhuman (780 Points)

Rank 25: Overlord (850 Points)

Rank 26: Emperor (920 Points)

Rank 27: Alpha King (1000 Points)

Rank 28: King (1100 Points)


How do you rank up? The idea is simple. You rank-up depending on your performance during a match.

Performance is what will be taken in consideration when you are playing, if you did well, you will earn good points, if you did bad, you will lose points.


Write !top to display top 10 players on the server.

If you would like to compare your stats with other players, write !stats Player2 (for example), and it will show Player2's Stats on the screen. (Or !info Player2)


The stats on the screen when you press tab will only start recording during a match. (When a match config is executed)


Players with special secondary ranks (VIP) can use !secrank to switch to their secondary ranks.


If you try to abuse the system in any way, your rank will get reset.



This page will update everytime the server receives new features. The latest features will be posted as [NEW] on top of the page and will be added into the list it fits to below with the time it got released at.


This guide below was written at 14/4/2016



This page will contain a FULL guide on how to use the server, and what configs you can execute with the new match plugin, !run


So basically the PMS match plugin #.# is replaced with !run , that's the most important thing a player needs to know here.

Using !run is similar to #.# usage, for example: !run ld will switch the map to lockdown, !run 1v1 will start a 1v1 match and so on...


Here are the configurations available for matching:

!run dm (Will switch to Deathmatch mode and change the map to lockdown)

!run tdm (Will switch to Team Deathmatch mode and change the map to lockdown)

!run 1v1 (Will start a 1v1 Match)

!run 2v2 (Will start a 2v2 Match)

!run 3v3 (Will start a 3v3 Match)

!run 4v4 (Will start a 4v4 Match)

!run 5v5 (Will start a 5v5 Match)

!run shorty (Will start a shorty match)

!run at1v1 (Will start a 1v1 Match with All-talk on)

!run at2v2 (Will start a 2v2 Match will All-talk on)

!run at3v3 (Will start a 3v3 Match with All-talk on)

!run at4v4 (Will start a 4v4 Match with All-talk on)

!run at5v5 (Will start a 5v5 Match with All-talk on)

!run atshorty (Will start a shorty match with All-talk on)

!run efpstdm (Will start a TDM match with teamkill OFF)


Note: A shorty is a short 1v1 match, fraglimit is 7, timelimit is 10 minutes.



Here are the configurations available for DM/TDM map switching:

A2K_TRAINZZZ - (!run a2k ; !run trainz ; !run a2k_trainzzz)

DM_ABYSS_FINAL - (!run abyss ; !run dm_abyss_final)

AIM_ARENA_RELOADED - (!run aim ; !run aim_arena_reloaded)

DM_AIRFUSION_FINAL - (!run air ; !run airfusion ; !run dm_airfusion_fina)

DM_IS_ALIVE - (!run alive ; !run dm_is_alive)

DM_AMPLITUDE_R2 - (!run amp ; !run amplitude ; !run dm_amplitude_r2)

ARENAPLEX_V2 - (!run arenaplex ; !run arenaplex_v2)

DM_ARMAGEDDON - (!run arm ; !run arma ; !run armageddon ; !run dm_armageddon)

DM_ATRIUM - (!run atr ; !run atrium ; !run dm_atrium)

DM_AVALON_B1 - (!run ava ; !run avalon ; !run dm_avalon_b1)

DM_BACKBONE - (!run backbone ; !run dm_backbone)

DM_BACKDOOR - (!run bd ; !run backdoor ; !run dm_backdoor)

DM_BIOHAZARD_CAL - (!run bio ; !run biohazard ; !run dm_biohazard_cal)

DM_CAVERNS_R1 - (!run cav ; !run caverns ; !run dm_caverns_r1)

DM_COAX_DUELB89 - (!run coax ; !run dm_coax_duelb89)

DM_COLLAPSE_R2 - (!run collapse ; !run dm_collapse_r2)

DM_DECOY_CU - (!run decoy ; !run dm_decoy_cu)

DM_DEPOT_RC2 - (!run deport ; !run depot ; !run dm_depot_rc2)

DM_DRIFT_REVISED - (!run drift ; !run dm_drift_revised)

DM_EGYPT_STORY_B2 - (!run egypt ; !run story ; !run dm_egypt_story_b2)

DM_ETHIC - (!run ethic ; !run dm_ethic)

[NEW] DM_FRAGGY_TEST - (!run fraggy ; !run dm_fraggy_test)

DM_IRONFIST_PREFINAL - (!run fist ; !run iron ; !run ironfist ; !run dm_ironfist_prefinal)

DM_HELIX - (!run helix ; !run dm_helix)

DM_HELLROCK_FINAL - (!run hellrock ; !run dm_hellrock_final)

DM_HOPE_R2_PT1 - (!run hope ; !run dm_hope_r2_pt1)

DM_INTENSITY_CU - (!run int ; !run intensity ; !run dm_intensity_cu)

DM_KILLBOX_2014_RC1 - (!run kb2014 ; !run dm_killbox_2014_rc1)

DM_KILLBOX_KBH_2P - (!run kbh ; !run killbox ; !run dm_killbox_kbh_2p)

DM_KLIZ_R1 - (!run kliz ; !run dm_kliz_r1)

DM_LOSTARENA_RPG - (!run la ; !run lostarena ; !run dm_lostarena_rpg)

DM_LOSTARENA_NIGHT_B2 - (!run la_night ; !run dm_lostarena_night_b2)

DM_LOCKDOWN - (!run ld ; !run lockdown ; !run dm_lockdown)

DM_LOCKDOWN_R6 - (!run ldr6 ; !run ld_r6 ; !run r6 ; !run dm_lockdown_r6)

DM_LOSTHOPE - (!run losthope ; !run dm_losthope)

DM_LOSTVILLAGE_R1 - (!run lv ; !run lostvillage ; !run dm_lostvillage_r1)

DM_MAGNUM_NUB_V3E - (!run magnum ; !run dm_magnum_nub_v3e)

DM_MILIEU_FINAL - (!run milieu ; !run dm_milieu_final)

AIM_DUEL_MINI - (!run miniaim ; !run aim_duel_mini)

DM_MUDAFUGA - (!run muda ; !run mudafuga ; !run dm_mudafuga)

DM_NOVA_PROSPEKT_B4 - (!run nova ; !run dm_nova_prospekt_b4)

DM_OCTAGON - (!run oct ; !run octa ; !run octagon ; !run dm_octagon)

DM_OVERWATCH_CU - (!run ow ; !run over ; !run dm_overwatch_cu)

DM_POWERHOUSE - (!run ph ; !run power ; !run powerhouse ; !run dm_powerhouse)

DM_PRESS_VG - (!run press ; !run dm_press_vg)

DM_PUEBLO - (!run pueblo ; !run dm_pueblo)

DM_RESIDENT_CU - (!run resi ; !run resident ; !run dm_resident_cu)

DM_RESISTANCE_R1 - (!run resistance ; !run dm_resistance_r1)

DM_SHOTGUN_ARENA_B2 - (!run shotgun ; !run dm_shotgun_arena_b2)

DM_SUBRANGE_TEST - (!run sub ; !run subrange ; !run dm_subrange_test)

DM_SWAMPLIGHT_FINAL - (!run swamp ; !run swamplight ; !run dm_swamplight_final)

DM_THUMPER - (!run thumper ; !run dm_thumper)

DM_TIGCRIK_R2 - (!run tig ; !run tigcrik ; !run dm_tigcrik_r2)

DM_UNDERCASTLE_R1 - (!run uc ; !run under ; !run undercastle ; !run dm_undercastle_r1)

DM_VAULT - (!run vault ; !run dm_vault)

DM_WINTERCHILL_R3 - (!run winter ; !run winterchill ; !run dm_winterchill_r3)

DM_ZETA_RC2 - (!run zeta ; !run dm_zeta_rc2)

DM_FRENZY_CU - (!run frenzy ; !run dm_frenzy_cu)


We also feature multiple modes other than DM/TDM... These modes are the following:


1) Capture The Flag: Write !run ctf before switching to any of the maps mentioned below.

List of CTF maps available:


CTF_2FORT_B8D_OB - (!run 2fort ; !run ctf_2fort_b8d_ob)

CTF_2FORT_LOCKDOWN_B2_OB - (!run 2fortld ; !run ctf_2fort_lockdown_b2_ob)

CTF_2FORT_SNIPER_V7_OB - (!run sniper ; !run ctf_2fort_sniper_v7_ob)

CTF_AIMLEGO - (!run aimlego ; !run ctf_aimlego)

CTF_AVANTI_MOD_OB - (!run avanti ; !run ctf_avanti_mod_ob)

CTF_CANALS_FIX_V1 - (!run canals ; !run ctf_canals_fix_v1)

CTF_DEMISE_PRO_HL2MP - (!run demise ; !run ctf_demise_pro_hl2mp)

CTF_MINI_FORT_B1 - (!run mini_fort ; !run fort ; !run mfort ; !run ctf_mini-fort_b1)

CTF_NEXUS - (!run nexus ; !run ctf_nexus)

CTF_NFS_B2_OB - (!run nfs ; !run ctf_nfs_b2_ob)

CTF_SCHOOL_B8B_OB - (!run school ; !run ctf_school_b8b_ob)

CTF_TERMINAL_A5H_OB - (!run terminal ; !run ctf_terminal_a5h_ob)

CTF_VAST_2014_FINAL - (!run vast ; !run ctf_vast_2014_final)

CTF_WARZONE_V1_OB - (!run warzone ; !run ctf_warzone_v1_ob)

CTF_WELL_B3C - (!run well ; !run ctf_well_b3c)


2) Jump Maps

List of Jump maps available:


3RUN_B1 - (!run 3run - !run 3run_b1)

ACADEMY_FOLLOWTHENUB_V5 - (!run academy ; !run academy_followthenub_v5)

ANCIENT_JUMPS_FINAL - (!run ancient ; !run ancient_jumps_final)

JUMP_BUNNY_RUINS_BETA_V2 - (!run bunny ; !run jump_bunny_ruins_beta_v2)

JM_3D - (!run 3d ; !run jm_3d)

JM_JEGYPT - (!run jegypt ; !run jm_egypt)

JM_JUMPCOLORS_B9 - (!run colors ; !run jm_jumpcolors_b9)

JM_JUMPDIFFERENT_V07 - (!run different ; !run jm_jumpdifferent_v07)

JM_KENIRA - (!run kenira ; !run jm_kenira)

JM_NIGHTMAREJUMPS_B3 - (!run nightmare ; !run jm_nightmarejumps_b3)

JM_OVERGROUND_FIX - (!run overground ; !run jm_overground_fix)

JM_PSYJUMPS_R1 - (!run psy ; !run jm_psyjumps_r1)

JM_JOURNEY_B2 - (!run journey ; !run jm_journey_b2)

JM_LONG_TRY_04 - (!run long ; !run longtry ; !run jm_long_try_04)

JM_PORTAL_B83 - (!run portal ; !run jm_portal_b83)

JM_TASKU - (!run tasku ; !run jm_tasku)

JUMPTRAINER_NUB_V3 - (!run trainer ; !run jumptrainer ; !run nubtrainer ; !run jumptrainer_nub_v3)

STYLEJUMPS_TKM_B5 - (!run style ; !run stylejumps ; !run stylejumps_tkm_b5)

ULTIMATEJUMPS_EXTREME_B04 - (!run ultimate ; !run ultimatejumps ; !run ultimatejumps_extreme_b04)

VITAMIN_JUMPSB7 - (!run vitamin ; !run vitamin_jumpsb7)

WORK_R1 - (!run work ; !run work_r1)


3) Surf: Write !run surf before switching to any of the maps mentioned below.

List of Surf maps available:


SURF_AURORIA2_VG - (!run auroria2 ; !run surf_auroria2_vg)

SURF_EXURBIA_V2F_VG - (!run exurbia ; !run surf_exurbia_v2f_vg)

SURF_BLUEWINTER_VG - (!run bluewinter ; !run surf_bluewinter_vg)

SURF_CALYCATE_VG - (!run calycate ; !run surf_calycate_vg)

SURF_CONGOBLACK2_VG - (!run congo ; !run congoblack ; !run surf_congoblack_vg ; !run surf_congoblack2_vg)

SURF_FRIDAY_VG - (!run friday ; !run surf_friday_vg)

SURF_GRASSLAND_VG - (!run grass ; !run grassland ; !run surf_grassland_vg)

SURF_LEGENDS_T - (!run legends ; !run surf_legends_t)

SURF_LIFE_OF_DUCK_VG - (!run lifeofduck ; !run lifeofduk ; !run surf_life_of_duck_vg)

SURF_MILKYWAY - (!run milkyway ; !run surf_milkyway)

SURF_NOBLE_F_VG - (!run noble ; !run surf_noble_f_vg)

SURF_LT_OMNIFIC - (!run omnific ; !run surf_lt_omnific)

SURF_LT_UNICORN - (!run unicorn ; !run surf_lt_unicorn)

SURF_ORI_L - (!run ori ; !run surf_ori_l)

SURF_POX_NJV_VG - (!run pox ; !run surf_pox_njv_vg)

SURF_SANDSTORM2_VG - (!run sandstorm2 ; !run surf_sandstorm2_vg)

SURF_SINISTER2_VG - (!run sinister2 ; !run surf_sinister2_vg)

MAG_SURF2 - (!run mag_surf ; !run mag_surf2)


4) Surf DM: Write !run surfdm before switching to any of the maps mentioned below.

List of Surf DM maps available:


SURF_10X_DT_V5_VG - (!run 10x ; !run surf_10x_dt_v5_vg)

SURF_GREATRIVER_A3 - (!run greatriver ; !run surf_greatriver_a3)

SURF_SIMPLICITY_V2F - (!run simplicity ; !run surf_simplicity_v2f)


5) Arena: Spawn with all weapons and 200 suit.

!run arena


6) Instagib v1: One-shot kill with a magnum.

!run insta ; !run instagib


7) King Of The Hill v1.0: Survival 1v1 mode against all players one-at-a-time.

!run koth


8) Freezetag: Freeze your enemies with a crossbow/melee, Unfreeze your teammates with a melee.

!run freezetag


Other features included in the server:


1) Kill Sounds: Sounds played when you kill someone or headshot him, kill a teammate or suicide. Write !ks or /ks to disable them.


2) Spectator List: Spectator list to view who is spectating you and who is spectating the player you are spectating. Write !sl or /sl to disable.


3) Keystrafe Notifier: When surf mode is active, the keys you press will be displayed on your screen and on the screen of the spectator spectating you. Write !hidekeys or /hidekeys or !hk or /hk to hide the keys and !showkeys or /showkeys or !sk or /sk to show the keys again.


4) Soundcloud: Write !sc *song name* to play a song from Soundcloud. Write !schelp for more information regarding usage.


And more to come...


VG Server will hopefully be in continuous development for a better future.


Some rules a player MUST take in consideration when using our server:


1) The more the number, the bigger the priority: If 2 players want to start a 1v1 match but 4 others joined to play a 2v2 match, the 4 players that joined have the rights to play and so on...

2) Abusing !run will result in a temporary ban depending on how much the player abused it. It might end up in a permanent ban if he did not behave.

3) When a cup is running, cup participants have the right to play on the server, regardless of how many there are playing.

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