The rules in the server are quite simple. Following them will show great sportsmanship and cooperation from you, the player, and you will be able to enjoy the server to the fullest with the other players.

Rule #1.     Do NOT abuse the !run command. Abusing the !run command can be done by using it repeatedly and in a very fast manner and using it to switch to maps/gamemodes without the approval of the majority of the other players on the server or their consent/agreement to do so.

Rule #2.     Give priority to the higher number of players, meaning that if you were playing the first map of a 1v1 with your friend, and 4 other players joined the server and were asking for a 2v2 as an example, the priority of matching (once the SECOND map ends) switches to them, and they have more right to play than you. You should not play a third map or a tiebreaker map unless the other 4 players agreed on it.

Rule #3.     Priority of matches always goes to those participating in a cup/ladder/tournament. If there was a 1v1 tournament and there was a TDM match running on the server, once the TDM match ends (Regardless whether it was the first map or the second map being played), the priority of matching switches to the tournament participants. [This rule over-rules rule #2]

Rule #4.     Do not annoy players by spamming in the chat/microphone.

Rule #5.     Do NOT cheat! Cheaters/hackers will get banned!

Not following the 5 above rules puts you at risk for:

- Having your !run allowance removed temporarily or permanently.

- Getting gagged/muted or both, either temporarily or permanently.

- Getting banned temporarily or permanently.

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