Thursday, September 21, 2017

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Hello everyone,


And welcome to the new site, Virtuous Gamers.


After a month of choosing what will best fit the interest of the HL2DM competitive community, the site is now up and ready to host fun tournaments while the game is still on.


It is also a new site for HL2DM players of different style and skill level or interest to join and share things with us. Feel free to do anything here, search for new friends to play with, show us YOUR servers and even request a forum section just for your server! We welcome HL2DM players from all around the world, be it a co-op player, a puzzle player, roleplayer, all are welcome, hopefully this becomes a site where a lot of people group with each other and become one and close community.


Also join our Discord server to keep in close contact with HL2DM players available there: (Enter it directly into your browser)


Special thanks to Henky for making this happen, and to all of you for keeping the game still going!


The tournaments for competitive players will start at a later time. But for now, look around and have fun!

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